Toyota & Lexus Air Conditioning Service in Arvada

If your Toyota or Lexus’s air conditioning system is acting up, turn to the auto mechanics at ATLR: Your Toyota and Lexus Specialists. We have been the go-to auto repair shop for Arvada and Westminster families since 2003, and we look forward to the many more years ahead. We encourage you to visit our shop if your air conditioning system is not performing in tip-top shape. 

Have you tried turning on the air conditioning to keep cool from the heat of the outside, but not enough air is coming out, no matter how much you try turning up the fan? Does the air coming out of it smell musty or unpleasant? There is a lot that goes into the workings of your car’s air conditioning system and ATLR: Your Toyota and Lexus Specialists are here to help fix any and all components of it so you can get that cool air going again and continue to cruise the streets of Arvada and Westminster in comfort! 

Whether the problem is something as simple as a broken plastic seal or severe as a leaking refrigerant condenser, our specialized team of certified auto mechanics at our auto repair shop can fix it right up. Our technicians have helped repair our customer’s air conditioning issues of all kinds for many years and can help you to make sure your car’s air conditioning is cooling and reliable whatever the problem may be!

To get to the bottom of the issue, our skilled auto repair technicians at ATLR: Your Toyota and Lexus Specialists can do the following services for your car’s air conditioning inspection:

  • Inspect all air conditioning system components for any damage or leakages
  • Inspect the air conditioning compressor drive belt
  • Evacuate the refrigerant from the system
  • Check the air conditioning compressor
  • Give the air conditioning system a leak down test
  • Recharge the whole system according to factory manual specifications 

If you suspect that something might be faulty with your air conditioning system and would like to have any or all of the above services done for it, ATLR: Your Toyota and Lexus Specialists in Arvada is the place to go! Feel free to schedule an appointment with the auto mechanics and rest of the family at ATLR: Your Toyota and Lexus Specialists. We are located at 6125 W 59th Ave Ste A, Arvada, CO 80003 and open Mon – Thurs: 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM and Fri 07:30AM-4:30PM. For your convenience, we also offer after hours pickup of your vehicle. 

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